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ECO Paints

At Steve Wilson Decorators we believe in eco paint: we will protect your health at the same time as the environment. And all without compromising the high performance you expect from a quality paint!

We can offer you many colour choices, but if you’re looking for a specific colour then we can offer a bespoke tinting service that accurately reproduces any colour that you may desire.

What is "ECO paint"?

The Eco paint range is a specially-formulated decorating product. By carefully selecting ingredients and using modern advanced manufacturing processes and formulations, we can offer you some outstanding products that will simultaneously protect your health and the environment .

Conventional paints can sometimes release harmful compounds into the air. These chemicals are known to be harmful to our health and the environment. They have also occasionally been found to make allergies such as asthma and chest complaints worse, plus they may also be a cause of ‘sick building syndrome’.

Eco paints are completely free from Volatile Organic Compounds – some people refer to this as “VOC free”. They are also low-odour and free from other harmful chemicals such as acrylic softeners. If you wish you can check this out for yourself as all of the products we use carry a full ingredients list!

Why should I use an ECO paint?

The range of ECO paints that we use on interior and ceilings can reduce the build up of dust and allergens. This is good for people with asthma and sensitive skin, as well as staying cleaner for longer.

ECO paint is durable. It is long lasting and hardwearing on walls or wood work, inside or out.

The brand of paint we use is one of the few select UK brands licensed to carry the prestigious EU Eco-Label - as indicated by the Flower symbol. This accreditation is only awarded to products that meet the strict environmentally friendly criteria of the EU ecolabelling scheme. Many paints claim to be eco friendly, but without the Ecolabel there is no guarantee for the environmentally aware consumer.

The eco paints that we use are also amongst the most breathable paints available. Breathability is increasingly recognised as a 'must have' property for most paint applications. A breathable paint helps balance the humidity in your home or the workplace. This makes for a more comfortable living environment and reduces the likelihood of condensation and as we all know condensation and high humidity encourage mildew and mould, especially in your kitchen and bathroom.

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