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Spray Painting Services

Fire Protection - We have experience in working in specialist premises and environments and in particular, those that need heat and fire protection. Fire protective paints and coatings can be applied using spraying apparatus which gives a heat and fire resistant layer which slows the spread of fire and heat. This spraying technique means you can reach those hard to access areas, making sure you have peace of mind that your area is fully protected.

Multi colour finish - Multi-colour paints are applied using a spray equipment so that the individual particles of colour are not broken up. To apply multi-colour finishes, we use a High Volume Low Pressure system which has a pronounced feathered edge. This feathered edge lessens the hard edge of each spray, which in turn saves money as you use less of the paint as you do not have to try and blend the bands.

Lacquer spraying - By using the paint spray gun we can easily achieve professional results using all types of paints and lacquers. Garage doors, furniture, etc can be painted easily and professionally with little mess and the minimum of fuss.

Cladding spraying - Time and weather take their toll on Industrial & Retail units. The outside appearance of these units can look tired, lifeless and does not portray a good corporate image of your company or business. We can provide answers in renovating the exterior of these retail and warehouse units by means of adding colour and protection preserving and extending the life of the building. We use accredited products - with guarantees for your peace of mind.

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