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Terms & Conditions Policy

  1. Steve Wilson Decorators (the company) accept instructions on the basis that those instructing us do so as Principals (the customer) and are liable for all costs and expenses incurred in respect of the same.

  2. The company will use all reasonable care in acquiring information to be provided to the customer but will not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided by third parties which is provided verbally without further independent verification or written confirmation.

  3. The companies services are provided solely for the use of our customers and their clients on whose behalf the work has been requested.

  4. The company will provide services only on the basis the customer provides all necessary and timely instructions, authorities and information to perform the requested service.

  5. The company will observe customer confidentiality in all cases as permitted by law.

  6. The company shall be notified within 7 days of any discrepancy, inaccuracy or issue with the service provided. In the event no such notice is given it shall be deemed the customer is satisfied with the service provided.

  7. A third party shall not use the companiesí services without our specific written authority.

  8. The customer shall be liable for payment of services, whether the client has paid monies or not. All invoices shall be paid within the specific terms agreed with the customer from time to time. We reserve the right to charge outstanding sums at 1.5% monthly and to recover any associated costs.

  9. The company shall be entitled to change rates for services provided from time to time.

  10. The company will endeavour to carry out the requested services with all reasonable diligence and accuracy. In the event that the customer suffers a loss as a result of negligence, our liability for direct loss or damage (excluding indirect or consequential loss) arising out of any single or multiple series of related claim or events shall not exceed £2,000,000.

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